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Reviews help us learn about what truly matters in our relationships working together. Help me and the team learn what you liked, what could have been better, and, please, be honest. We’ll learn and grow from this feedback. We’ll keep doing the same and assume all is well if we do not have feedback. Help us today by leaving a review of your recent engagement with Torrance Family Law!

I highly, highly recommend Nicole Stednitz, who has been my lawyer the last two years during my divorce. She has been instrumental in helping me transition into my independence and walk through numerous complex situations that arose during this process.

Her guidance is and has always been clear, direct, helpful, and very intuitive. Though in the process it did not always appear obvious, she always knew what to do to create a positive change or progression. She has been fundamental in teaching me how to be powerful, and stand my ground to succeed and not give up on what is just and right. Without her or with a lesser lawyer, I honestly don’t know where I would be right now. She truly looks out for women and children to create a fair situation for everyone, including the other side. She has a deep well of wisdom regarding the legal system and does not play petty or cruel games when the situation appears negative or difficult. She always stands her ground about what is fair and this includes for everyone involved even when the opposition doesn’t honor the same standards. We had an open dialogue the whole time and worked together which made us successful. She listens and asks the right questions. She always gave me options and explained the way it could play out. She believed in me during this whole time which is really what I needed to muster my own courage and strength to keep going to reach the end as well as to stand up for myself. I so appreciate her and her role in this enormous transformation I’ve lived through the past few years. She’s wonderful!” – Jennifer D.

Working with Nicole Stednitz was a very helpful and productive experience. I found Nicole to be very professional, knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and most importantly, able to readily identify solutions to my legal situation. My experience with Nicole was all positive to this point, and she is an attorney I would recommend to the people I know. -Don Toombs

Great attorney. If you are looking for a strong firm that will represent you in hard times. You can depend of Nicole at Torrance Family Law Firm. -Legal Leaf

Nicole is an amazing mediator. She made the divorce process, especially the required documents, easier to manage as she guided us step by step in our mediation which led to the divorce being finalized. Thank you Nicole!

Hands down I had the best guidance with Nicole! She was very professional throughout my case and I always felt we were a team. My daughter and I appreciate everything you did for us. Thank you!!!

I cannot thank Nicole enough!! She came highly recommended and took on my complicated divorce. Prior to Nicole I had another attorney who gave bad advice and racked up charges over several years. Nicole was able to undo the mess previously created. Cut through to resolve what was remaining and saved on time & cost. Again, cannot thank her enough!!

Professional and honest. Will guide you every step.

I can’t say enough positive things about Torrance Family Law and, more specifically, Nicole Stednitz, Esq. My case was seriously disorganized and unnecessarily complicated due to many factors. Nicole’s professionalism, candor, and warmth, made all the difference in my case. I always knew what was going on and always felt heard and represented. Amazing work and great peace of mind. Thank you, Nicole!

Nicole is a great attorney. I am another attorney and I am confident in referring my clients, friends and family to her. -Eileen Kendall