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Nicole M. Stednitz at Torrance Family Law,

APC strives to provide personal, professional, intelligent, and cost-effective legal service to clients experiencing some of the most common and stressful family law matters that clients may go through. Torrance Family Law, APC, handles family law matters that are resolved through mediation, collaborative divorce, or litigation (going to Court).

We personally meet with each client to ensure that each client’s needs are being met in a way that is best for the unique dynamics of each family and household.  We carefully calendar matters with my client and the Court to ensure that clients are personally represented in each case.

We wholeheartedly endorse principles of appropriate dispute resolution, including mediation and collaborative approaches, to problem-solving.  We counsel clients about the benefits of alternatives to litigation because, in appropriate cases, alternatives to litigation may be less stressful, more cost-effective, quicker, and truly beneficial to both parties and minor children.

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